Sunday, August 22, 2010

Walk in the Park

Thanks to all who came out (over 400) to Ellenberger yesterday.  Happy dogs, happy kids, happy art-lovers strolled the park, enjoying the incredible art in the 40+ booths.  Kids of all ages made their own art. And, the animals brought their own fun. Who did you like the best? The turtle who munched her way across the lawn? The non-stinky skunk? The ferret? The overcast skies gave some relief to the heat as people munched, chatted, and bought original items for their collections or gifts. And, welcomed "neighbors" from all over the country. Thanks to those who helped us update our database and who renewed /joined as members of the IGA.  We can now better reach out to you to keep you informed. And your membership helps fund the many events the IGA provides. Keeping artists and Community connected. 

If you have photos you'd like to share....let us know and we'll post them. And be sure to visit our Facebook page and become a fan!

Video by Steve Shattuck

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